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When beginning a bodybuilding program, it is necessary to establish a solid base and especially not to waste too much time with working on the accessory exercises. Go to the basics, work out the most important muscles.
We offer special benefits to our members.Each personalized training program includes: The list of exercises with explanations The number of reps, sets and weights.

gym dumbbells

We also offer aerobics classes. Aerobics classes appeared in the early 1980s; In its beginnings, aerobics classes were organized from physical culture movements in rhythm and co-ordination on energetic music. Many movements were carried out in association with jumps and dancing.


Our trainers can also offer nutrition advice. Physical activity requires a diet that is adapted to the effort, as it significantly alters nutritional requirements.
Foods are edible, chemically processed and become nutrients that can be used by the body. The diet brings three essential nutrients to the body: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.gym weights

They must be periodically renewed by food to ensure balance, protection of the body and allow it to develop its activity. The body draws from foods other necessary elements such as water, vitamins and minerals.

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